Sg Elections 2022

As yet another school year winds to a close, the tradition of electing next year’s Student Government President and Vice President took place at the end of April. A whopping 7 President/VicePresident tickets entered the election at the beginning of campaign week. By Friday, only 2 remained. All week long, however, St. Martin’s Lobby was jumping with vibrant campaigners, all gunning for the top spot in the hearts of the people. 

In the end, Friday came down to a runoff election between Christian Manuel & Melanie Takahashi and Maddy Temple & Jack Krueger. Voting opened early Friday morning at 7:45am and closed promptly at 2:00pm. In between the opening and closing of voting, the buzz around the school was high. Everyone sat in anticipation at the end of the school day, when finally, at 3:00, current President Chris Picchione passed on the torch to the new President and Vice President….Christian Manuel and Melanie Takahashi!

Melanie told the Benet Herald after her election that she is “So grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to bring more amazing ideas for this incredible school”.

The election was extremely close, but Christian and Melanie were able to battle it out. They will take over the responsibilities from current President and Vice President, Chris Picchione and Grace Balsamo, respectively. 

Their first task: planning next year’s Froshfest!