Celebrating Accomplishments: Benet Academy’s Pep Assembly


Benet Academy

Benet Academy students, faculty, and staff came together on Friday to celebrate the numerous state trophies and accomplishments made this year.

Benet Academy’s athletic, fine arts and academic programs have seen success this school year. This was reflected when every single IHSA athletic program with a winter season made it to their respective State Series for the first time in school history. In particular, the Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys Golf, and both Basketball teams made it to their State Championship game. To celebrate the Benet Academy’s contributions to its successful programs, a Pep Assembly was called to celebrate the twenty programs that reached success this year. 

Many things were praised at the assembly, from the graduating senior athletes to the new athletic coaches. More importantly, Benet Academy also respected its high-performing student body, which was honored with a Spirit Day on the assembly day. A group of individuals was also honored at the assembly, with Mr. Grigas remarking that they had reached “the pinnacle of their sports.” The ceremony’s display of Benet Academy’s skill was when the captains of the state level teams presented their IHSA trophies to show their athletic success. 

The assembly concluded with remarks from Principal Myers. He thanked parents, students, faculty, and coaches for their dedication to the success of Benet Academy’s programs. Finally, Campus Ministry Director, Deacon Christopher Weiland, led the students in prayer before they left for the day.

Overall, the Benet Academy Pep Assembly was a rewarding experience for not only the students involved but also the spectators and benefactors of the school community. The assembly recognized how Benet Academy is genuinely an exemplary institution and represented what makes Benet Academy such a prosperous environment for all.