Benet Academy Girls Varsity Soccer is Kicking Off


Declan Cadden

The Benet Academy girls soccer team hard at work during preseason.

Last year, the girls soccer team had a phenomenal season, including making it to the state finals. Varsity Coach Oconer firmly believes his team will repeat this success. The hope is that we can go one step further, and we know the road is difficult, but there is no replicating the experience of going to state,” he said, “It’s added to our motivation and focus, and we have a more experienced squad which will definitely be looking to take home state.”

Training started this past week, and Coach stresses the importance of building up chemistry. “These past years we haven’t really had our back line at 100%,” he said. “So it’s extra important this year to gel as a team as much as possible, and that starts during practice.”

The girls have already had a few successful preseason games, too. On March 14, they crushed their season opener, beating Wheaton Academy 3-0 in an exciting game. Goals from senior Sadie Sterbenz, junior Ashley Donovan, and sophomore Johnna Caliendo gave the Redwings a comfortable start to the season. 

On March 16, they got off to a great start in the Wheaton North Kickoff Tournament, demolishing Sandburg with an astounding seven goals. Caliendo, junior Rania Fikri, sophomore Keira Petrucelli, freshman Ivana Vukas, and senior Anna Casmere had single goals. Benet Academy, Athlete of the Week senior Rachel Burns scored a brace to lead the Redwings to a 2-0 record and a formidable beginning to the tournament.