Orchesis Showcase

The week of February 1st was a hectic one for the Benet Orchesis Dance Company. From late night tech rehearsals to setting up livestream links, this amazing dance group powered through it all, and the three nights of shows turned out to be a success!

Led by Ms. Kelsey Lauren, the Orchesis Company performed their fourth annual showcase three times: Thursday, February 4th, Friday the 5th, and Saturday the 6th. Due to COVID restrictions from the IDPH and the school, the only audience members allowed inside the auditorium were the senior parents. However, the student-run dance company received plenty of student support elsewhere.

As a way to bring the choreography to their fellow students, Orchesis set up a link to the live streamed performance that corresponded with Friday’s performance. This allowed family and friends of the 84 company members to watch the dancers shine from all across the country! Some senior students were also granted access to some of the classrooms on campus to view the performance and cheer on their friends while staying safe and distant. 

Dancers were required to follow COVID protocols both on and off stage. Masks and social distancing were followed, and the masks worn for the production had a clear panel so the audience could all see the joy and passion in these student’s faces. Ms. Lauren says the show could not have been possible without the dancers’ willingness to perform while following the rules we are all too familiar with regarding COVID.

No one is as proud of this year’s Orchesis group as Ms. Lauren: “I am constantly humbled by the resilience of these dancers and all the Benet students… where there is a will, the Benet students will find a way.”