Benet Academy’s New Fine Arts Curriculum


John Augustyn

Orchestra is currently one of Benet Academy’s fine arts classes.

Every year in mid-February, Benet Academy students choose their courses. In past years, Benet students would choose core classes: History, Religion, Math, Science, Physical Education, and, if interested, classes like Painting. However, with the advent of the recently introduced 2023-2024 Curriculum Guide, with the most significant adjustments to the Benet Academy Fine Arts Curriculum. 

Their course curriculum and progression have been altered to help students have more opportunities to express themselves via creativity in both the auditory and visual sectors. As a result, over ten new courses are being added to accommodate the student demand from the present and future student body.

Mr. Wand, the chair of the Fine Arts Department at Benet Academy, has much to say about these new course additions. He wants students to “Prepare and be involved in the Fine Arts.” Wand is excited to have other aspects of the arts represented in courses like Dance, Guitar, and Sound Engineering. Mr. Wand was motivated to introduce these new courses based on “Primarily opportunity. After all, the best time to try something new is right now.” These curricular changes will place Benet Academy on a level playing field with primary public and private high schools, which have offered similar classes for years.

However, Wand cautions students who plan to take any of these classes as incoming freshmen. They cannot take any Fine Arts classes beyond Orchestra, Band, and Choir. Mr. Wand says, “Benet has a rigorous curriculum in all of its subjects, and we don’t want freshmen overburdening themselves with work when they are not used to the homework load that Benet offers in the first place. We want freshmen to develop time management skills before entering our department’s programs.”