The Spring Play


Meghan Bennett

Actors from last year’s Spring Play pose for a picture.

Spring is in the air At Benet Academy, there were four comedic plays planned for this year, all of which were written by Rosemary Frisino Toohey. These four plays included In the Tank, Cosmic Fruit Bowl, Cucarachas, and Socks.

In the Tank is a one-act play about two lobsters trapped in a tank at a seafood restaurant. One lobster escapes becoming food by pretending to be dead, while the other begins to wonder if the reason they are bound and trapped is because the humans secretly fear them. In a Cosmic Fruit Bowl, fruit comes to life, but living in the crowded fruit bowl isn’t easy. Follow the characters as they argue, grow, and accept each other’s differences.In Cucarachas, a trio of cock roaches live peacefully in a research lab, until a new independent cockroach comes along and mixes things up. Will the cockroaches escape the lab? Will they accept the newcomer? Finally, Socks stars three socks and a leg warmer that got left behind in a washing machine. They debate their existence and life.

Although the plays were canceled this year, these entertaining, creative, and certainly interesting stories will certainly not be forgotten by the rest of the community.