Benet Academy Hosts Spring Band and Orchestra Concert


Benet Academy

Benet Academy students bow after the Spring Band and Orchestra Concert

The Spring Concert featuring the Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Groups, Chamber Ensemble, and Symphonic Orchestra took place on May 9. The concert also included recognition for all the seniors graduating this year.

The concert began with the Wind Ensemble. They played five pieces: Red Rocks Fanfare, Symphony No. 9, Themes, On a Hymnsong of Lowell Mason, Rhapsodie Modernata, and El Captain.

The Percussion Ensemble performed with the Wind Ensemble during Stormbreak by Belafonte De Leon. This piece was a crowd favorite, as it resembles a powerful storm. The band and percussion did an excellent job portraying the storm’s strength. The Percussion Ensemble also performed Latin Resumé, Gymonpédie No. 1, and Jump the Line. A clear crowd favorite was Jump the Line: the Percussion Ensemble did not miss a beat, and the piece uplifted the audience.

Following the Wind and Percussion Ensembles was the Chamber Orchestra. Before the entire Chamber Orchestra came on stage, though, five groups of students were presented in chamber groups. The sizes of these groups ranged from two musicians to four musicians. The chamber group pieces were The Prayer, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Cantina, La La Land, and String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor (II). An especially memorable chamber group was the Senior Trio. The trio, consisting of three graduating seniors: Samuel Halum, Emma Gerard, and Leo Christenson, played La La Land. Halum and Gerard played the violin, and Christenson played the piano. It was clear to the audience that the group was composed of seniors because they executed the piece perfectly and played with passion.

After the Chamber groups, the entire Chamber Orchestra performed. The Orchestra prepared two string-only pieces. This included Themes from the Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky arr. Bob Lipton & Cameron Law and The Last Spring by Edward Grieg. Preparing for the concert was challenging for students in the Chamber Orchestra, as they only had seven weeks’ notice. This was the shortest time they had to prepare for a concert all year. However, this did not stop them from playing the pieces with great rhythm and dynamics.

The concert’s finale was from the Symphonic Orchestra. The Symphonic Orchestra played Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest by Hans Zimmer and arranged by Paul Lavender. The Band and Orchestra only met two times before the concert to rehearse the piece. While this was a challenge, it did not stop the Orchestra and Band from putting on a terrific performance for their friends and family.

Before the Symphonic Orchestra played the Alma Mater, Mr. Alfantis and Ms. Semanik took a moment to acknowledge all of the graduating seniors. They did this by stating what college the senior is going to, what he or she plans to major in, and a few words about how he or she was in class. This was special, and it was a great way to recognize all of the graduating seniors.

Lastly, the concert concluded with the Alma Mater. Junior Mina Chang conducted this. Overall, the concert was very successful and an excellent way for students to play the music they have been working hard on for their friends and family.