Virtual Variety: A Unique Performance Experience

The 2020 Christmas Drive was a huge success, but Student Government isn’t done yet! Their first major event of 2021 is the annual Variety Show. After auditions in late January, SG picked out an array of talents like the yearly Madrigal performance, Orchesis dance routines, all kinds of musical performances, and even some stand-up comedy routines. The pandemic has altered the form that friends and family will be able to view the performance in, but rest assured that the show will go on. 

The acts filmed their performances all throughout this week so that the episodes would be able to be sent out through the rest of February and possibly into March. This performance will be the first completely filmed show that Benet has put on this year, after the live BTA Showcase/One Acts performance in September, the canceled Fall Play, and the live-streamed Orchesis Showcase. The choice may be a sign for things to come! Nonetheless, this decision was taken well, although with a variety of opinions. Bella McKendall (‘24), who is singing in a trio, believes that videotaping is more relaxed than performing onstage but joked that other students may try to skip her act as the three performers are all freshman girls. Mike Evans (‘22), who will be in the show for a third time, says that filming it makes him more nervous than entertaining a live audience. Colby Masterson (‘23) echoed this thought, saying: “I would honestly rather do it for an audience. I’m a performer. I always have been. Overall, I’m glad we get to send it out to people.” 

Some students may be disappointed when they realize that the annual teacher skit will unfortunately not be a part of the released videos. Never fear, it’s just slightly delayed! SG has planned for an outdoor (hopefully live) performance of the teacher skit later in the spring, featuring all of your favorite faculty members and some awesome impressions of them. Additionally, for seniors that didn’t get the chance to sign up at the beginning of the semester, there will be another sign-up sent out closer to the new performance date to feature as many teachers as possible!

Nevertheless, every single member of the performance expressed their gratitude for the ability to take part in the show, especially with all the challenges this year has brought. Mattie Cieplak (‘21) summed up the general sentiment that was expressed well. “I think that SG is doing a really good job of putting something accessible together so that a lot of people can still participate but that even more people can still watch it, which is awesome.” Be sure to tune into every episode… episode one was released February 12!