Coach Heidkamp discusses hopes for postseason, new style of Benet basketball

Caitlyn Allen ‘19, Sports Section Editor

Two IHSA State Championships, four Conference Championships, four Sectional titles— over the course of eleven years. Benet Academy boys basketball head coach Gene Heidkamp has had the opportunity to coach incredible teams, each unique in its own way. While most of his teams were defense oriented, Coach Heidkamp says that this year’s group stands out.

“This year’s team is different,” he said. “We have more size and ability to score points. This is a different style of basketball.” Heidkamp states that players like junior Colin Crothers, senior Trevor Casmere, and junior Colin Gillespie “exemplify what we’re looking for on and off the court” and contribute to the team’s shift in philosophy.

With a current record of 19-7, the team’s strength comes from their power to rebound and score against a variety of defenses. However, on the opposite of the spectrum, Coach Heidkamp said they need to work on their defense. He also mentioned ball security as an issue, going on to talk about how the team gave up 25 turnovers in their matchup against Marian Catholic alone.

“Points off turnovers are a big deal,” he explained. “Live ball turnovers become fast breaks…back breakers.” Benet allows the ball in the paint too much and getting beat off the dribble results in too many three pointers for the other team.

“If we can do these two things, then we can live with the results. Having a poor shooting game is understandable…If you defend and take care of the ball, you always have a chance to win.”

The postseason is soon approaching, and the Redwings are already seeded second for sectionals. Will this team be the one to take us all the way?  Only time will tell how the rest of this season will play out.