Christmas Drive Tradition: Penny Wars


Alexandra O'Rourke

Some pennies and silver other coins students brought in for Penny Wars.

As Christmas Drive returns to Benet Academy, so does the annual Penny War competition. Led by Student Government President Christian Manuel and Vice President Melanie Takahashi from December 5 through 8, Penny Wars is a competitive competition between classes to raise as much money as possible for the Christmas Drive. Using pennies as positive points and other silver coins as negative points, grades strategically brought in money to earn points for their class. Whichever grade achieved the most points would receive a slope day on Friday. 

On top of that, on Wednesday, December 7, dollars were brought in to gain even more revenue for Christmas Drive. Also, the Mothers Club joined in the fun and matched all money donated that day. Vice President Melanie Takahashi was excited “to see all the students get super involved!” The Student Government was able to bring back physical pennies this year. “When Covid hit,” Takahashi explained, “students were not allowed to turn in pennies for the penny wars, only dollars, so it was super exciting to return to pennies and have all the students get really into it.” She enjoyed watching how students could use the coins to sabotage each other and compete while raising money for a great cause. With all Christmas Drive’s craziness, Melanie’s favorite memory of Penny Wars was “the last day of penny wars when the seniors brought in suitcases full of pennies.” 

Overall, the seniors won the slop day grand prize on Friday, December 9. The money in Penny Wars and the Christmas Drive will be used to help give children in need a merry Christmas.