Arsenic and a Masked Face

The COVID pandemic has enforced severe disruption of other aspects of daily life: family, friends, school, extracurriculars, one aspect being the Benet fall play. Although the Benet Drama Troupe is doing its best to make this year’s play a success, the challenges of the pandemic have still made their mark. After interviewing Mr. Leffler, the director of the fall play, and Aidan Diamond, an actor, more information has been discovered to share with the Benet community.

Mr. Leffler, the director of the play, states that the only effects on the play are masks during rehearsals, working out how to social distance as much as possible during scenes, and a video recording of the play instead of the audience. Senior Aiden Diamond, who is performing in the lead role of Mortimer Brewster, offered insight into the strange situation from the perspective of an actor. This play is certainly unique among the four plays he has performed at Benet because masks and social distancing have added a challenging dimension to rehearsals and performances. Despite the numerous obstacles to this year’s production, Aiden offers a hopeful view: “It’s been difficult but I think that will make this play more rewarding.”

While the fall play originally hoped to have an audience, with recent COVID-19 mitigations from the governor, that unfortunately will not be possible. For more information about streaming/buying a copy of the fall play film, reach out to Mr. John Leffler or Mr. Matthew Grigas. As always, the show must go on!