A Fun and Safe Event: The Monster Dash

Reagan Rodenbostel ‘21

This past Sunday, Benet’s Student Government put together the Monster Dash! Families were invited to participate in small groups, and walk around campus playing games. In case you missed it, here is a rundown of how it went.


There were about 15 to 20 separate small groups of students and families that traveled around to each station together. Each group was assigned a certain time slot to begin their walk around the outside of the school. There were multiple stations consisting of games and activities that each group participated in while on their walk on campus. Some of these included potato sack races, voting on the best carved pumpkin, guessing how many candy corn are in the jar, mini golf, and the most popular: trunk or treat. Trunk or treat consisted of kids and families going around knocking on each car in the parking lot where people handed out candy to them; the COVID safe trick or treating was a success!


The Monster Dash brought a crowd of mostly little kids and their parents, but some Benet students were there as well. The kids had a blast and had a small sense of normalcy while living in a pandemic. Senior Emily Budzynski said “People were very safe because everyone had to wear a mask at all times and stay distanced.” It’s important to take every opportunity we can to have fun while staying safe during this pandemic, and Benet has so far done a great job of providing these opportunities especially with the Monster Dash!