Student Government Election 2016

Alexis Enacopol '16

Exciting times are happening once again in the halls of Benet Academy. With Student Government election week just around the corner, both the candidates and their supporters are anticipating an exciting week.

Election week has been called the best week of the school year for so many reasons. From getting serenaded into St. Martin lobby by the marching band to gaining 10 lbs due to homemade cookies, all Redwings look forward to this time of year.

There are five groups running for the positions of President and Vice President of Student Government for the 2016-2017 school year: Abby Bitto & Justin Smusz, Colin Camblin & Michael O’Grady, Joseph Ravichandran & Jack Reidl, Max Tuttle & Mary Kate Healy, and Teddy Evans & Austin Feldman. Will Golden and Nick Feldman, who were originally set to run, have dropped out.

This year there are more teams than usual running. In last year’s election, there were only three teams: Mazza/McCarter, O’Connor/LeFevour, and McGerty/Tran. With more teams in the running, it will certainly be an interesting election. Also, this is the first election week for the Student Government moderating team Ms. Megan Carlevato and Ms. Lauren Condon. They are both excited to see who they will be working with but are sad to see this year’s seniors go.
This year’s election week campaigning begins Tuesday, April 26, so make sure to get to school early for an abundance of treats and loud music!