Mr. Mike Bremner Celebrates 25 Years


Benet Academy

A picture of Mr. Mike Bremner.

Editor’s Note: This piece was also posted in the Benet Herald 2023 Graduation Edition.

The 2022-2023 School year marks the twenty-five-year milestone at Benet Academy for Mr. Michael Bremner’s teaching and coaching career. When a member of the Benet Academy faculty and staff have reached their milestone of twenty-five years, the community acknowledges their dedication, time, commitment, and efforts to influence students and peers alike. However, Mr. Bremner’s Benet Academy journey does not start with teaching. Being a member of the class of 1990, he knows what it is like to be a student and an educator. Having been heavily involved in athletics and extracurriculars as a student, he shares that these experiences led him to return to Benet Academy:“Coming back knowing that I was going to be on faculty with some of my own teachers and the influential figures of my life was truly an honor in and of itself.” As an educator and a coach, Mr. Bremner has witnessed the growth that the Benet Academy community has experienced in his time teaching. One particular instance that he recalls to be the most prominent change is the addition of new buildings to the school. Mr. Bremner has overseen the construction and development of St. Mary’s Hall. Further, Mr. Bremner reflects on the moments in basketball State Championship games and coaching State Championship Title recipient Lauren Beaudreau in golf. In celebration of his twenty-fifth anniversary, Mr. Bremner, along with his colleague Mrs. Shuma were recognized for their service to Benet Academy. Friends and family enjoyed a reception and heartfelt tributes from colleagues. The evening culminated with a speech from Mr. Bremner. In his speech, he thanked his family, colleagues, and friends for helping him on his journey, likening it to the famous “Camino del Santiago” Pilgrimage in Spain, filled with inspiring humor and emotion. Overall, the Benet Academy community thanks Mr. Bremner for his dedication and contributions to the school. May his words and actions inspire students and athletes as he continues his years of service as a faculty member and coach. “It’s humbling to be among the group of 57 members of the faculty and staff that have made it to the twenty-five year mark. I think about what an honor it is to be joining such an accomplished group of individuals, those I’ve looked up to, and it means a lot to me.”