Mrs. Lori Rogalski Retires


Benet Academy

A picture of Mrs. Lori Rogalski.

Editor’s Note: This piece was also posted in the Benet Herald 2023 Graduation Edition.

Mrs. Rogalski retires this year after serving at Benet Academy for 23 years. As a Benet Academy English teacher, she has taught English 2, English 3, Advanced Composition, College Prep Literature, and AP English Literature and Composition. Mrs. Rogalski served as the department chair for English, committed herself to the well-being of the students and staff, and coached all of her students in elite-level writing. Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Rogalski’s favorite memories from Benet Academy are going on Logos retreats, traveling to Italy and Greece, and watching her four kids go through Benet Academy. Mrs. Rogalski is known by her students for her bright, daffodil-like personality, even on a rainy day. She started the annual daffodil day at Benet Academy, where junior students recite I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud and hold daffodils in their hands to commemorate the tragedy at Columbine High School. Mrs. Rogalski always had hope for the future, whether that be her students nailing their next exams or a more just future for all. She holds the same hope in retirement where she plans to continue to learn, travel, and spend time with her grandchildren. She hopes, just like Geoffrey Chaucer described in The Canterbury Tales, that she fostered a community “who would gladly learn, and gladly teach.” As Mrs. Rogalski closes the sparkling doors of Benet Academy one last time she reflects, “I can’t believe I actually get to spend each day discussing a powerful story or beautiful poetry with young people… or hearing the vulnerability or strength of conviction come through in their writing. It doesn’t feel like a ‘job’ when you get to do what you love every day.” Thank you Mrs. Rogalski for your twenty-three years of dedication.