Student Government Presidential Winners


Benet Academy

Michael Budd and Tia Petratos are the President and Vice President of Student Government for the 2023-2024 school year.

Editor’s Note: This piece was also posted in the Benet Herald 2023 Graduation Edition.

Student Government elections took place the week of April 24, and the winner was decided on April 28. There were four tickets running for the coveted position including Meghan Bennet and Nick Gonnella, Michael Budd and Tia Petratos, Brian Pipal and Anna Bremner, and Meredith Cline and Therese Tully. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the four tickets campaigned in Martins Lobby and the school was filled with posters promoting each candidate. On April 27, it was announced that there would be a runoff between Micheal Budd and Tia Peatros, and Brian Pipal and Anna Bremner. Petratos explained, “Going into run-offs I was very nervous. We were going against very strong candidates who also put a lot of effort into their campaign.” She further explained that while she was nervous, Budd and her focused their energy on their final goal. On April 28, it was announced that the 2023-2024 Student Government President and Vice President will be Micheal Budd and Tia Peatros. Budd explained “The biggest ingredient that led to our success was our friends and siblings, who went above and beyond, rallying support and testifying to our caliber.” Budd and Petratos have big plans for next year. Petratos said, “I think it is very important to not only uphold my responsibilities as a school leader but also serve as a role model to others. Leaders should not only be academically inclined, but exemplify morality in their everyday life.” The pair has already made plans on certain subjects including guaranteeing that the Variety Show happens, ensuring that Christmas Drive sweatshirts arrive on time, and allowing students to help choose the themes for athletic events.