The Senior Class Trip Is Back


Editor’s Note: This piece was also posted in the Benet Herald 2023 Graduation Edition.

Next school year, the senior class trip will return to Benet Academy. The senior excursion was put on hold due to COVID-19, but thanks to Mr. Leffler and Blueprint Tours, students will be able to experience the special tradition again. In the past, seniors have traveled to Greece, Italy, and England. This upcoming school year, from December 31 to January 7, the Redwings will be back to London. Mr. Leffler will be chaperoning, and Blueprint Tours will be organizing the trip for its 54th year. When they arrive on January 1, the travel group will see many of the amazing sights that the city has to offer. Students will get to see two shows in London’s West End, as well as several of England’s world-famous museums. The seniors will also be visiting important historical and religious sites: Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Canterbury, and the Tower of London. For the past three years, seniors have missed out on the opportunity to go abroad with their friends, but now they will be able to explore all the culture, history, and architecture that London has to offer.