SALT’s Eucharistic Procession


Benet Academy

Information regarding SALT’s Eucharistic Procession

Editor’s Note: This piece was also posted in the Benet Herald 2023 Graduation Edition.

To kick off the celebration of the National Eucharistic Revival, Benet Academy is hosting a Eucharistic Procession. The National Eucharistic Revival is a movement to restore understanding and devotion to the great mystery by helping our worship of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Eucharistic Processions are held in many countries and it is one of the best ways to respectfully celebrate the Catholic faith.  On Friday, May 26, Benet Academy will quite literally bring God to the streets by processing with the Holy Eucharist to Chesterton Academy. Benet Academy will not be doing this alone, as some Chesterton students will join the procession. Some community members will also join to continue to exercise their faith. The procession is an amazing opportunity to help unite Catholics all around the community. It is also a great way for Catholics to honor their faith and experience the intimate presence of God. Before the procession, there will be speakers to reflect on the National Eucharistic Revival in the United States. The procession works to help lift spirits and is a perfect display of God’s incarnation. The journey of the procession helps remind Catholics of the journey we will lead toward eternal life with God. Benet Academy continues to help deepen the faith in the Catholic community by hosting many events, such as the Eucharistic Procession and inspires everyone to not be scared to celebrate their Catholic faith aloud.