Arbor Day Tree Planting


Benet Academy

Benet Academy students from Environmental Club plant trees on Arbor Day

Expanding its environmental mission to the community beyond Benet Academy, the Environmental Club planted trees on two lots in Lisle on Arbor Day. The club won money from an environmental art competition earlier this year. After brainstorming which project would do the best, they selected a tree planting project outside of Benet Academy. 

Since Benet Academy had a limited need for trees, the club decided to expand its environmental efforts to the surrounding community and plant trees in areas that could not afford them. After contacting the Lisle city government, the club was notified about two lots that once had homes that had to be torn down due to frequent flooding. This provided the perfect opportunity for Benet Academy students to serve the community and the environment.

After months of coordinating and emailing back and forth with various village officials, the club was able to turn their idea into a reality. Accompanied by perfect, sunny weather, Benet Academy students planted twelve native trees and shrubs across two vacant lots. Village workers that helped the club along the way were also there, as well as a photographer that would later write an article about the event for Lisle to publicize. Following a short speech thanking everyone for their involvement, the project began with the help of village workers.

As many Benet Academy students recognize, planting trees is a great way to help preserve the environment because it helps mitigate carbon emissions and provide habitats. It is beneficial for this area because it helps limit flood impact and beautify an otherwise empty area. Teacher-moderator, Mrs. Volin, describes the project as “a perfect opportunity for our club to use our prize money to buy native-species trees and shrubs and come out to the neighborhood to plant them.” It is our job as Catholics to care for the environment and our neighbor, and what better way to do that than planting trees in an area in need. This project not only allowed Benet Academy students to be good stewards of the environment, as we are called to be, but it also allowed students to work together to serve others in the community.