Benet Special Spaces Completes First Room Makeover of the Year


Benet Academy

Benet Academy’s Special Spaces Club poses for a group picture outside of Ava and Olivia’s home.

The Benet Academy’s Special Spaces Club is a sect of Special Spaces Illinois, a non-profit organization creating dream bedrooms for children with cancer. Last week, Benet Academy Special Spaces Club members volunteered their time to makeover a room for a very special young girl, Ava. Four-year-old Ava was diagnosed with Stage 2 Group III Rhabdomyosarcoma. Ava and her older sister, Olivia, wanted a mermaid-themed bedroom and a renovated playroom. 

The Benet Academy’s Special Spaces Club raised the necessary funds to finance the rooms through its annual Easter Egg Hunt and a generous donation from Benet Academy. 

Volunteers were divided into two sections. A morning session focused on moving old furniture and assembling new furniture, and an afternoon session focused on moving the new furniture and decorating the rooms. Professionals from Special Spaces Illinois also attended the makeover, providing expertise in interior design, organization, and construction.

The mermaid-themed bedroom was outfitted with a bunk bed for the two girls, complemented with customized bedding and pillows. New dressers and storage were added, along with an improved closeting system. The bedroom was repainted, and mermaid-themed artwork and accents were added. Finally, the girls’ favorite touch was a “doll bedroom” made from a converted trundle.

The playroom was also completely renovated, including new lighting, furniture, storage, and decoration. Volunteers worked on assembling the new storage for the playroom and organizing the many toys. Pictures and other decorations were also added.

Once the makeover was completed, Ava and her family were invited back to the house for the reveal. Ava and Olivia were overjoyed with the renovation, and Ava said, “I want to just fall asleep now in my new room!” The Benet Academy’s Special Spaces club was honored to help make Ava and Olivia’s life a little bit better.