Ten Ideas to Make Benet Academy More Awesome

Benet Academy was established in 1887 and has since made some great improvements. 136 years later, we have gained cookie days and asynchronous learning, but why stop there? Having been at the acad for almost two years, here is the list of ten ideas to make Benet Academy more awesome. 

1. A Zip Line from the Library to Outside St. Daniel’s Hall

Honestly, a zip line anywhere would be awesome and greatly decrease travel times. There is a nice downhill slant from the Library to St. Daniel’s Hall, making it the perfect place for a zip line. In addition, leaving school could be so fast and reduce traffic. Finally, a zip line could draw “non-Daniels” students into that half of the building to see what is going onstage. It seems like the total package.


2. Mandatory Funny Ties Day at Least Once a Week 

In my opinion, the guy’s ties tie their whole look together. However, how many plain red ties can one wear before it becomes too boring? Funny ties would boost morale and decrease conformity among students. One teacher, Mr. Wash, thoroughly embraces this idea as he wears a fish-themed tie every Friday. Though I do not have him as a teacher, I greatly respect his attitude and aspire to have his level of flare.  


3. A Ball Pit in Saint Jude’s Commons

Saint Jude’s Commons has been used for everything under the sun. Classes, practices, and rehearsals have all filled the space. Do you know what has not filled that space? Jovial laughter. How do we add more jovial laughter to that space? Easy, a ball pit. 


4. Permanent Yard Games Set Up Outside St. Martin’s Entrance

For Frosh Fest, a handful of spike ball nets are set up for students to play and mingle. From what I have gathered, high school students love yard games. Why stop at spike ball? Make a yardzee, giant jenga, tetherball, and games available for students. If we feel crazy, we could even have a Gaga ball court! These games could be played during homeroom or lunch, which would be awesome. Jeffrey Lange says, “I think it would be a great place to socialize and be competitive with other classmates.”


5. Gym Shoes instead of School Shoes

Let us be honest here. The administration is quite lost on the shoe policy for a good reason. I see no difference in my ability to learn in comfortable shoes versus school shoes. Also, it is a small gesture that means a lot to students. Furthermore, there are tons of students who already wear gym shoes to school. “Wearing gym shoes is more comfortable and makes my overall day more enjoyable,” says sophomore Annie Vandawhal. Finally, many underclassmen endure a lengthy hike from St. Scholastica, and gym shoes would speed up that walk. 


6. Coffee Shop at School 

Benet Academy runs on caffeine. Virtually every student walks in holding some Starbucks or Dunkin drink. Multiple other schools, such as Downers Grove North and Timothy Christian, have implemented this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not that we need anything that fancy, possibly just a Keruig machine or something. Students would stay awake during lengthy lectures! 


7. Music Always in the Halls 

Occasionally there is music in the halls, and you can see student bopping their way to class. I see no harm in having hall music more often as it adds more zest to everyday life. Students could suggest music, school appropriate and add more excitement to everyday life. 


8. Bring back Benny!

Legend has it that back in the day, a dog roamed the halls of Benet Academy! That sounds incredible! Through Mental Health Awareness Week, there have been multiple therapy dogs at the school that have always been smashing successes! Let us bring back Benny for the soothing effects that dogs have. 


9. SALT Slushies Year Round 

SALT slushies make Christmas drive what it is… let us keep that fun rolling year round. Sophomore Allison Perrino, an instrumental part of slushie making, said, “Seeing the joy on students’ faces when they came to the SALT office was the best! Having this opportunity of happiness year-round sounds absolutely amazing!” Also, the money raised could go to building any fine info structure I have previously recommended! It is a win-win! 


10. A Waterslide from Any 4th Floor

This might not be practical, but it would be awesome. People would look forward to religion classes on the 4th floor daily. Water slides would add a touch of whimsy and excitement to everyday life!