Junior Year Ring Ceremony


Benet Academy

Principal Myers speaking during the all school mass for the passing of St. Benedict after the Junior Ring Ceremony.

On Tuesday, March 21, students at Benet Academy participated in the annual Junior Year Ring Ceremony. Students gathered alphabetically in St. Ronald’s Gymnasium and awaited the service to begin at 8:00 a.m. Parents could join their students on campus for this event and have the opportunity to take pictures for remembrance. 

The ceremony started with a message from the School Principal, Mr. William Myers, with a mindful reflection on the progress, hardships, and outcomes the Junior Class has experienced in the past three years at Benet Academy. Reflecting on the significance of this event helped students engage with a better understanding and appreciation for their time and progress at Benet Academy. 

The Junior Year Ring Ceremony has been a long-standing tradition at Benet Academy. Students had the opportunity to purchase a class ring, which can be customized and accessorized to the student and family’s preferences. The rings come to students from an established partner of Benet Academy, Josten’s.

Josten’s provides an outlet for students by engaging with the school and making the process relatively simple on the students’ end. In addition to the class ring, each student is given their own Medal Of Benedictine, so students have something to remember about their Junior class and the faith and traditions that Benet Academy is centered around. Junior Aidan Bishop said, “It was nice to have the opportunity to receive the medal on Tuesday and nice to be able to connect with classmates after the event.” 

As names were called, students lined up at the front of the gymnasium and were honored with their rings and medals. When the event concluded, students met in the Alumni Gym for refreshments, taking pictures, and sharing this memorable moment with families and friends. All Benet Academy students returned to St. Ronald’s gym for an all-school mass when this event concluded. The mass concluded the morning, and students went back to their classes with a new understanding of the traditions and connections that Benet Academy holds near.