Benet Academy’s March Madness


Folasade Adeoye

The Laney Lads, with team members Lenee Beaumont, Samuel Driscoll, Declan Hanus, and Connor Serafin, are the winners of March Madness.

On Sunday, March 19, Benet Academy hosted a three against three style tournament with each game being seven minutes and allowing multiple Benet Academy students to show off their basketball skills and athleticism. 20 teams competed against each other, with the goal of winning the tournament.

There were a variety of teams, ranging from freshmen to seniors, competing at the tournament. Some teams stuck out on athletic ability, pure game knowledge, defense, offense, and overall team spirit. A team that stuck out for their team spirit was The Hooping Ballers, which showed up to the competition dressed for success by wearing matching referee uniforms to play. 

More teams stuck out, playing-wise, like The Flush Factory and The Mighty Twisters, which were able to lock down almost every team with their defense. The Laney Lads, with their unique sharp shooting ability, The Freedom Fighters, that showed great athleticism, and the Arco Murrays, that showed excellent knowledge of the game and how to analyze their opponents.  

Once the games began, the weaker teams began to get left behind, and the stronger teams began to shine. There were multiple entertaining games, such as when the Astro Murray’s and The Freedom Fighters faced off, creating the question of, will overall athleticism be enough to compete with great skill. That question was answered as the Astro Murrays won after a tight game against The Freedom Fighters. 

After all the playoff, semifinal, and quarterfinal bracket slots had been filled, the only spots that remained were the first and second places of the Winners Bracket. The final teams were The Laney Lads and The Astro Murrys. The two teams that showed greatness from the start were now facing off for the win. The Arcos start the game off by making multiple wide shots. 

Before The Laney Lads began to wake up, they committed several fouls to lower the number of wide shots. By this time, the score is 4-2, and The Laney Lads find a way to get past the Arcos by continuously driving the lane and adding a few sharp shots to the mix. At this point of the game, the Arcos are at a severe disadvantage, resulting in the end score of 12-6, making The Laney Lads, with players Lenee Beaumont, Samuel Driscoll, Declan Hanus, and Connor Serafin, the Benet Academy March Madness Champions.