Benet Academy’s New Scholars Program


Benet Academy

The logo for Benet Academy’s new Scholars Program.

Benet Academy is introducing a new program beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. Students can apply to one of three enrichment programs based on interest. These programs focus on Math, Science, Humanities, Arts, and Leadership knowledge. According to the Anselm/Hildegard/Conversatio Benet Scholars Program Packet, the program involves seminars, discussions, field trips, and speakers.  

The Saint Anselm Scholars Program is designed for students who excel and are interested in the Humanities and Arts. Scholars accepted to this program will participate in discussions and seminars. This program requires students to maintain a 95% weighted average, take a Fine Arts class, and take four Honors/Advanced Placement courses. Maddie DeGuzman is a Benet Academy Junior considering applying to the Humanities and Arts program. She said, “I really appreciate and enjoy studying the arts through music and classes at Benet. I am excited that there is a new program that will further deepen my knowledge of art and the humanities outside of a typical classroom setting.”

For Math and Science gifted students, the Saint Hildegard of Bingen Scholars Program is designed to develop mathematical and science skills further. Admitted scholars will gain valuable skills that apply to future careers in science, engineering, and medicine. Students who wish to participate in this program are expected to maintain a 95% weighted grade average, take four Honors/AP courses, take four consecutive years of math, and enroll in an Advanced Placement Science and Math course before graduation. Kate Grubish, a current Junior, is planning to apply to this program. She said, “I think the program looks really interesting. I’ve always loved math, and I am very interested in pursuing engineering. This looks like a great way to be a part of something that suits my interests!” 

The Conversatio Scholar Program educates Benet students about being leaders in the community. Scholars are expected to be active members of a club/activity, maintain a 90% grade average, and take one Honors/Advanced Placement course. Benet Junior, Brian Pipal, expressed, “I think that program teaching and exploring leadership in and out of an academic setting is a perfect way to prepare students to engage in leadership roles in the future.”

Each scholar is required to complete several service hours each year. Freshmen and Sophomores will complete 25 hours; Juniors and Seniors will complete 15 hours. The programs  are designed to reflect and instill the Benedictine mission using three different paths of interest. 

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who wish to participate in one of these programs must apply by April 15, 2023. This application includes pages to fill out as well as a video submission.