Coding Club Partners with goIT


Benet Academy

A picture of goIT’s logo.

Benet Academy Coding Club has partnered with goIT, a virtual ed-tech company, to provide new resources and new and engaging ways to learn about STEM and computer science.

GoIT is a huge online organization used by students in over 30 countries. Right now, it has over 30,000 students across North America alone. Its primary focus is teaching technology and helping students find interest in STEM. GoIT’s curriculum guide states, “94% of students say they’re more interested in STEM after the program.”

The program is split into six modules, from prototyping and computational thinking to fun activities. Students will have to be creative, be able to think outside the box, identify problems, come up with solutions, design prototypes, and finally pitch their solutions in presentations.

With this new asset to the Benet Academy Coding Club, students can find something new and exciting while meeting new friends, celebrating over food, and finding a future career path. Therefore, stop by the Benet Academy Coding Club on Tuesday after school.