Welcome to Benet for the Class of 2027


Emily Weigus

Tables where possible incoming Benet Academy freshman talked to current faculty and staff with any questions they had.

This past Sunday, Benet hosted its annual “Welcome to Benet Day” for the incoming class of 2027. While all the students who attend the event have been accepted, not all have committed to Benet Academy. The day’s goal was to showcase Benet Academy and to push them to officially Enron. The “Welcome to Benet” day was an informational event for the incoming freshmen to learn about what it means to be a Benet Academy Redwing.

The Benet Academy faculty and student volunteers warmly welcomed prospective students and their families. They were then ushered into the gym for a presentation about the school. Incoming freshmen and their parents were allowed to meet with one of the forty staff ambassadors to review the student’s schedules and their recommended classes and answer any family questions.

In the cafeteria, the department heads of each subject had tables set up. Students and parents with questions or concerns about certain classes were guided to the right table for their questions. In addition to the academic portion of Benet Academy, incoming students, and their families were given an exclusive peek into student life. Many sports teams and clubs in the gym had tables providing information about themselves. Also, there was even a live basketball practice in the other gym for families to watch. Several classrooms were open, allowing the visitors to look into ceramics classes, art classes, scholastic bowl practice, and the robotics club. In St. Mary’s Hall, all of the fine arts clubs and activities were stationed for families to explore.

Overall, throughout their time at Welcome to Benet, the future class of 2027 Redwings smiled as they learned more about the school they will hopefully choose to attend.