Benet Academy Celebrates Catholic Schools Week


Norah Youssef

Some uplifting posters that were hung up around Benet Academy during Catholic Schools Week.

On January 30 through February 2, Benet Academy celebrated Catholic Schools Week. The shortened week began with volunteers helping place sticky notes with religious, uplifting messages all over the school.

Messages like “Jesus loves you” could be found everywhere. Every student had a positive message to greet them at their lockers as they began their day. On Tuesday, January 31, Redwings got the option to represent their favorite Catholic school with a sweatshirt with a $3 donation to benefit Friends of Imiliwaha. There were also posters throughout the school that SALT created celebrating the week and advertising the opportunity for morning Mass.

On Wednesday, February 1, the entire school celebrated the unique Catholic school tradition with a Mass offered by Father Steve Borello. Before Mass, SALT (Campus Ministries) showed an exciting video of different teachers explaining why they enjoy teaching in a Catholic school. To end the week, there was a spirit day on Thursday where students could pay $5 again to Friends of Imiliwaha.

Although the week was not full of extravagant celebrations, it was still exceptional for the Benet Academy community. The week served as a reminder that Benet Academy’s Catholic education is unique, and the student body uplifted the teachers who made the school so unique. As Father Steve Borello said in his homily, “God is everywhere, and Catholic schools teach us how to look for Him.”