Benet Academy vs. Kenwood Academy Basketball Game


Benet Academy

The Benet Academy boy’s basketball team line up before the start of their basketball game against Kenwood Academy.

Benet Academy and Kenwood Academy faced off on January 21 in a competitive basketball game. The crowd’s built-up excitement and the players’ skill created a game to remember. Shots were the name of the game in the first half, with starters Brayden Fagbemi (0), Brady Kunka (3), Andy Nash (10), Parker Sulaver (14), and Nikola Abusara (23). 

Senior Brady Kunka led the team in shots in the first half. However, both sides were shooting and scoring as Kenwood Academy showed their ability to keep up with Benet Academy’s players. Benet Academy’s defense seemed to decline slowly near the end of the half, allowing Kenwood Academy to shoot many three-pointers. However, it was not enough, as Benet led by 36 to 31 at the end of the half.

The energy of Benet Academy’s players shifted in the second half as they focused on more defense. They were able to lock down Kenwood Academy’s offense as Senior Brayden Fagbemi showed great defense and rebounds. Nikola Abusara also showed his footwork skills and leadership in plays. Both sides could put up shots, but Benet dominated the half and ended the game 67-53.

Overall, the game had spectators on the edge of their seats. One spectator said, “It was an exciting game with twists, and some were really close, though both teams had a good opportunity of winning.”