’22 in Review!


Quinn Knox

Students at Benet Academy had many opportunities to BA Redwing in 2022.

With the number of sports, activities, and different personalities at Benet Academy, any given day can have the excitement of a month. So, you can imagine the amount of fun in a year! That said, let’s look at the top eight events of 2022 at Benet Academy.  


1. The Return to Normalcy in a Post Apocalyptic…I mean Pandemic World

Everyone remembers the events that transpired on March 13, 2020, so there is no need to revisit that headache! However, on February 9, 2022, masks were removed, and smiles returned. For many students, underclassmen, in particular, shock ensued as they saw each other’s full faces for the first time. Luckily, the surprises were purely positive as connections were suddenly much more personal and connected. Also returning post-pandemic were many sweets and events from Christmas Drive, which truly helped return normalcy and joy to this December. 


2. No Wonder We Have So Many Rivals.

From the court to the field, many sports accomplishments deserve recognition. Four Benet Academy teams finished downstate in the IHSA Final Four: Girls’ Volleyball (2nd), Girls’ Basketball (4th), Girls’ Soccer (2nd), and Boys’ Tennis (2nd). Four other Benet Academy teams finished as sectional champions: Girls’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Track and Field, Boys’ Lacrosse, and Boys’ Track and Field. Additionally, Benet Academy had three other teams that finished their seasons as regional champions: Softball, Boys’ Soccer, and Boys’ Basketball. Finally, three more Benet Academy teams ended as conference champions: Girls’ Cross Country, Boys’ Cross Country, and Girls’ Tennis. Way to go Redwings!


3. Or is it Everlasting…?

Months of practice lead to two weeks of beautiful shows for 2022’s Musical “Tuck Everlasting.” Students could put on a full show with the whole two-week run for the first time in two years. “Tuck” had a 47-person cast, an elaborate set, and multiple sold-out shows. Roles were filled by mega-talented singers, several of whom were nominated for the Illinois High School Musical Theatre Awards (IHSTMA). IHSMTA is a state-level competition for musicals and performers. Junior, now senior, Dee Pace spent two days singing, dancing, and competing against 11 other musical theater mega minds from Illinois. Upon reflecting on her time there, Dee said, “The best part of IHSMTA was the people. I was in a room with some of the most talented people from across Illinois, and it was inspiring to learn from them and collaborate with them,” which could also be applied to “Tuck Everlasting” itself. 

Coming Soon: “The Drowsy Chaperone” is this year’s musical! Be on the lookout for details regarding the 2023 spring show.


4. Student Government could Stand for “So Great”…

Some call Student Government the backbone of the Academy, and this year was no exception. Not only did members work tirelessly to maintain some fun events during Covid, but the transition to normalcy was seamless. Early in the year, students could participate in dances, like Turnabout and Prom, without masks and COVID guidelines. However, there were alterations (not just on suits), as Turnabout was pushed back far later than usual. As the year went on, other events like Turkeybowl were brought back, where many teams competed in a flag football tournament. Benet Academy’s Halloween bash also returned, coined “Nightmare on Maple Street.” It was very successful, thanks to the haunted house that took over the four floors in Joseph Hall. Finally, the year ended on a high note, as the two weeks before Christmas Break was full of holiday magic. Student Government elves started planning this year’s drive in July. That is a lot of decking the halls! Collectively, Benet Academy raised $101,336.90, which was announced midway through Christmas break. What a way to end the year with tons of holiday cheer!


5. SALT Shake Ups

Coming in with his new call-and-response, “God is good…all the time. All the time…God is good”, Deacon Christopher is an energetic new addition to Benet Academy’s Campus Ministry. Deacon Christopher welcomed the new role as Benet Academy’s Campus Ministry Director this school year. Some new events have already impacted Benet Academy and the local community, including Life is Very Good Week, where students and faculty came together to raise money for Project Love. This nonprofit organization supports struggling mothers during their pregnancy and beyond. Other events included multiple service opportunities to Feed My Starving Children and other charity events around the area. Every month, more opportunities are made available for students and families to give back to the community and to grow in service to others. 


6. The “Daniel’s Kids” Wrack in Major Awards 

As if preparing for finals and graduation was not enough, the Madrigals performed at a national classical choral concert this past summer through “Classical Singers.” Though the competition was in Chicago, Benet Academy faced off against singers from far away, such as Texas and California. Benet Academy not only had the largest romp but arguably the most successful as they returned to Lisle with a first-place award!

This fall, musicians also qualified for Illinois Music Education Association awards. This means that one is super-wicked and talented in the music world. Benet Academy had about 20 students qualify for the district level, and 9 took it all the way to state! We should give one more round of applause to honors choir recipients:  Dee Pace, Bella McKendall, and Colby Masterson. As well as for our all-state winners: Lily Joy Santos and Kyle Spiegel. Finally, extra props to the orchestra and band superstars: Mina Chang, Mary Kipp, Kevin Hernandez, and Emily Loftus. 

In 2023, there are several opportunities to cheer on choral and orchestra classmates, and I promise they don’t bite. See you at the next choir concert!


7. Multi-Talented Students Everywhere!

Not only did Benet Academy’s sports and theater department have a fantastic year, but so did many of its extracurricular activities. Benet Academy’s very own Chess Team was crowned the IHSA Chess 3A State Champions after a very flashy clap out, complete with a king. “Arguably the Best,” Benet Academy debate competed at a state competition where freshmen Caroline Sobkowiak and Laura O’Neil took 9th in state. Many new clubs were also started in 2022, such as the Italian Club and Book Club. Benet Academy had something for everyone this year, from Investment Club to Scholastic Bowl to the Student Support Alliance!


8. Goodbyes and Hellos with New Faculty 

Last spring, we lost some familiar faces to our Benet Academy Family. Mr. Marth, the previous head of the school retired and left that position open for new management. Mr. Myers, the current principal, is serving as Interim President. Another staple to our community, Mr. Kibbs, left after 38 years of teaching at the Academy. However, much to everyone’s shock, he returned this year at the end of Christmas Drive to make one last indelible mark on our community. Finally, two members of the religion department left Illinois! The mountains called, and now Mr. Auss and Mr. Hesla live in Denver. In their absence, a new religion teacher was hired. Ms. Bovat is straight out of Boston and fresh out of college. Now our youngest teacher by a considerable gap, Ms. Bovat has thoroughly enjoyed teaching at Benet Academy thus far. Also in the religion department is Mr. Fletcher, a new generation of BA faith!


In conclusion, 2022 was filled with many noteworthy moments! From wins on the court to notes on the stage and everything in between, it sure was an excellent time to BA Redwing. 

The Benet Herald wishes you a happy, safe, productive, and magical new year! See you in 2023 Redwings!