Benet Academy’s Trivia Night


Caroline Maras

Brandon Erban, Angelina McKenna, Alyssa Halpin, and Olivia Cieplak were the winners of Benet Academy’s Trivia Night.

On December 7, Student Government hosted a Trivia Night fundraising event for the Christmas Drive. The requirements for entry consisted of five people per team maximum and a $20 group fee. There were 13 teams, each about to answer questions from the American Civil War to Kim Kardashian’s children. 

Before the questions began, “The Banana Splits” team, seniors Maddy Temple, Maria Rosca, Nora Mehring, and Shelby Flynn shared their feelings. Temple said, “I’m getting a little nervous,” but her teammate Rosca expressed confidence in the team, despite feeling lightheaded. 

The evening began with the event host and Student Government president, Christian Manuel, collecting cell phones to avoid teams cheating. The trivia categories were Benet Academy, television and movie, history, and miscellaneous. Each category had five questions, but the miscellaneous category had 11. 

However, several teams grew frustrated with the host because one team was caught with a cell phone, and another enlisted a Benet Academy teacher, Mrs. Eraci, as a sixth team member. Senior MaryKate Wickstrom said, “I think it was rigged and corrupt. Nothing was done about the rule breaks.” 

Wickstrom was one of many irritated students. First-year trivia participant Izzy Gil was “unimpressed” by the leadership and organization. Gil’s team, “Catholicism is Key,” was announced as the trivia night winner, but after senior Brandon Erban objected, his team was awarded the winner. Gil said, “I felt like the rules were bent for friends of the host. Even though we did not win, I still had a good time.” 

Despite the negative feelings from some students, others expressed satisfaction with the event. Trivia night veteran, Bennett Ruskusky, said, “the questions covered a better variety this year.” Ruskusky said last year’s “slay category” was against him as he is unfamiliar with musicals. 

Overall, the feelings associated with Trivia Night were mixed, but $260 was raised for the Benet Academy Christmas Drive after this night alone.