Life is Good Week


Norah Youssef

White crosses are placed in the front circle to represent all the victims of abortion.

During the week of October 23, SALT commenced the celebration of Life is Very Good Week. Led by Shelby Flynn, Gianna Horejs, and Michael Schlereth, SALT used Life Week to spread awareness about the importance and vulnerability of human life. During his first Life Week, Deacon Christopher said. “Life is the foundation of all of our faith. So first, we need to respect life in all of its forms. In doing that, we can love our neighbors as we love God.” The purpose of this week is to bring awareness to the issue of abortion annually and to demonstrate support for the ongoing pro-life movement. Although Roe v. Wade was overturned this past summer, the pro-life fight has not stopped, especially in Illinois. Throughout the school, posters containing facts about abortion were hung up, and a large banner celebrating life was placed in St. Mary’s Hall.

Various students shared testimonials about the sanctity of life during the morning announcements, giving personal stories about how they have learned about the pro-life movement. SALT Life also had a meeting after school on Tuesday to further educate anyone interested in the fight against abortion. However, that is not the only club that had a meeting about Life Week. Political Club had a meeting debating the issue of abortion, a very controversial topic. However, the dialogue remained calm and respectful throughout the week, and people of both opinions could coexist peacefully. Towards the end of the week, the school came together to raise money for Project Love, a nonprofit organization that supports struggling mothers during their pregnancy and beyond. By supporting pregnant women in crisis, Project Love saves mothers from the pressure to have an abortion. Although abortion is a contested issue, raising money for a good cause is a project all Benet students can get behind. At the end of the week, SALT board member John Arnold said, “Life is Good week is really good, and it makes me happy to be alive.”