Scholastic Bowl: A Lively Trivial Pursuit


The Redwing Intellects Prepare for the Scholastic Bowl

Calling all students! The Benet Academy Scholastic Bowl Team’s 2022 – 2023 season has just gotten underway. Looking to build on its first ever invitation and participation in the National Academic Quiz Tournment (NAQT) in Atlanta, Georgia last year, the team, coached by Mrs. Dovalovsky, is aspiring to have another strong showing against other top teams around the country this year. “I would like to see more members come to practices and competitions, more people socializing, students learning more about themselves and being able to participate in competitions, and expressing what they know in an environment outside of the school.” reported Mrs. Dovalovsky.


But what exactly is Scholastic Bowl?


 Scholastic Bowl is a team oriented trivia competition, in a fast paced social environment. The trivia questions range across several topics, including Pop Culture, Mythology, Literature, Music, Science, Sports, Videogaming, and History. The beauty of scholastic bowl is that the range of the questions asked at the tournaments is so broad, any participant will have at least one area of expertise. Rounds begin with tossup questions, in which hints are slowly read to the competitors. The first team to buzz in and answer correctly wins gets points and is awarded a round of 3 bonus questions for additional points. To make it even more interesting, the format can vary from tournament to tournament. In some tournaments, points can be deducted for incorrect answers before the clues are finished, and other tournaments may solely contain questions which pertain to a certain topic.


The current roster meets on Friday after school to play sample trivia packets and hang out with one another, “It’s a very comfortable environment,” said sophomore Taylor Watson, a current member of the team. Another team member, Sophomore John Augustyn proclaimed, “I feel its very warm and inclusive, and we have a community of very smart members”.


The team will begin its first kickoff tournament of the season on November 19th, at Fenton High School. Any and all students are welcome to come participate and join the team, “Every team member is important, each and everyone is accepted and has something to contribute to our team.” said Team Captain, Rohan Julka. Scholastic bowl provides an excellent opportunity for students to come together and compete in a friendly, rewarding atmosphere. John Augustyn said “I think this team is a great team, and we’d like to see all of Benet join and come to our group.”