The Return of Turkeybowl


Grace Krug

In the girls division, the team “Nuns on the Run,” won and pose for a picture.

On November 4, the annual Turkeybowl came back after a two year hiatus due to COVID-19. Organized by Student Government, this friendly competition is the kickoff to the holiday season at Benet Academy. This year, the tournament was early in the morning so it would not get canceled by rain in the forecast for later. 

The Turkeybowl was split into three divisions: the girls’ teams, freshman and sophomore boys’ teams, and junior and senior boys’ teams. The teams were made up of 7-10 players and had a variety of creative names, like “The Gravy Train,” “Call Me Brady,” and the “Golden Gobblers.” Each division had its bracket and respective winners. The brackets were randomly picked by the heads of intramurals, Gabe Godziak and Kendall Sheridan. 

The girls’ and freshman and sophomore boys’ teams began to play around 7:30 a.m. on Friday. “Nuns on the Run,” a senior girls’ team, won the girls’ bracket after winning all of their games to come out as champions. They competed against all levels of girls, from freshmen to seniors, making their win a sweet victory for their last Turkeybowl at Benet. One team member, Bridget Cunningham, said, “Being a part of the Turkey Bowl was fun, but winning the whole thing was even more fun. I loved being able to cheer on my friends and watch good football. Shoutout, Shannon Clark, for carrying our team!” The team, “The Super Gremlins,” came out on top for the freshman and sophomore boys bracket. They were a team of freshmen who won all three of their games to make it as champions. It seems like they are a team to watch out for at next year’s Turkeybowl. 

The junior and senior boys divisions began at 9:00 a.m. as the last round of games to play. The other two brackets had finished, pointing all eyes to the upperclassmen boys’ teams competing in the tournament. This bracket had the most teams competing, so the winning team had to play four games to be crowned the winner. In the end, a junior boys team called the “Juco Dynasty” fought hard and defeated all their opponents to come out on top.  

Overall, Turkeybowl was welcomed back to Benet after a successful morning of flag football, thanks to the Student Government and all of the teachers and student volunteers.