Benet Girls Volleyball Senior Night


the Girl’s Volleyball Seniors (from left to right) Gabija Staniskis, Kristen Krammer, Annie Eschenbach, Peyton Turner and Caroline Carens

On a cold October night the lights of St Ronald’s Gym lit up Martin’s lobby. Inside the gym the JV girls volleyball game had just ended and out came the varsity team. Tonight would be the final regular season home game for the 5 seniors, Caroline Carens, Annie Eschenbach, Kristen Krammer, Peyton Turner and Gabija Staniskis. The seniors were honored by a walk with their parents, a rose and of course a great welcome by the fans. There was so much energy in this gym, from the ceremony until the final point. Benet looked sharp during warmups, ready to dominate. This team has been a dominant force so far this season. Benet was going into this game 21-2 and with this being the last game of the regular season, performance and pressure were high. All 5 seniors took the floor together for the final time. This team fought hard but the first set ended in a 25-21 loss to JCA. Benet was still looking good and came through with a win in the second set 25-13. Tensions were high for the third and final set. The gym went quiet as Benet had the first serve. After an amazing performance, Benet won 25-9 in the third set. The seniors had won their final game on the home court they had played on for 4 years. The team had an amazing mindset and never gave up. The seniors played amazing and even off the court they set a terrific example for the other players. Freshman Ellie Stiernagle says, “They were so welcoming, but also made sure to keep us accountable every practice and game. They pushed us to work hard and they have led the team to success. They really do care about the program and us. We love our seniors.” These 5 seniors will leave a lasting imprint on Benet volleyball and will continue to do great things. Although it may have been their last time playing in St Ronald’s gym, a few of these seniors are going on to play for some incredible teams. Eschenbach is going on to play D1 at Xavier University, Peyton will continue to play at the University of Texas San Antonio, and last but not least, Gabija has committed to play at Emory College. This Redwing team has the talent to go the distance to the state championship.