College Application Season at Benet Academy


Harlan Apple

Benet Academy students celebrate their graduation after going through the college application process.

“The four years of college are a unique opportunity to grow and change, meaning that you can go to a college with a different personality than here at Benet and gain significant takeaways and life skills, even if it’s outside your comfort zone,” said Benet Academy college counselor Mrs. Wright.

From the time a student walks in the doors of high school as a freshman, students worldwide are thinking about college in one way or another. Freshman and sophomore year allows new students to get accustomed to the exciting world of high school, like taking the Pre-ACT and PSAT or an early initiative to visit colleges. Also, here at Benet Academy, there is advisory during homeroom. “Advisory gives our students the chance to learn about future careers, as well as meet the college counselors who will be helping them down the road,” said Wright. Students primarily focus on their grades, sports, and extracurriculars during junior year, all in preparation for senior year. However, the summer of senior year is the big “kickoff” to college application season. Over the summer, seniors will start to write their college essays. Then once school begins, seniors mainly focus on fine-tuning their applications and having college counselors look over their essays before clicking the green submit button anytime between early November and December.

According to Mrs. Wright, come November, students from Benet Academy will apply to large flagship public universities, like the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and Indiana University Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana. Most also apply to medium private institutions in the Midwest, such as Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Many of our students, however, will venture farther out of state for their next exciting chapter.