DLC and Black History Month

Just as Benet students move further into the second semester of our school year, the Diversity Leadership Council is bringing new ideas and activities to Benet during Black History Month. Starting the month with a meeting involving round table discussion on race, privilege, and education, DLC has helped highlight Black communities and culture. Each of the senior board members will be leading reflections and prayer over the announcements every Monday or Tuesday during this month speaking on a wide range of topics from Christian outreach to Black communities to the importance of Black history education. 

Additionally, the Benet Theatre Association has teamed up with DLC to host a Black History film festival every weekend for students to come together safely and enjoy films starring and voicing Black artists and creators. Showcasing films such as Harriet and Hidden Figures, Benet’s student body and faculty members are aiming towards a month of meaningful dialogue and awareness. Be sure to contact Mr. Wand or DLC board members Tommy Melgoza (‘22), Lili Izzo (‘21), Myself (‘21), Noelle Tracey (‘21) or Clare Gardiner (‘21) with any questions on meetings or the film festival, and feel free to stop by at our DLC meetings that take place in M26 on Wednesday or Thursday mornings.