Catholic Schools Week: Growing Catholic as a Community

Although the pandemic has created unprecedented times, Benet Academy did not stop its efforts to celebrate Catholic education through prayer, discussion, learning, and service during Catholic Schools Week. 

Many activities were planned for the week including Mass, prayers and reflections over the announcements, service opportunities, discussions, and music during passing periods. These activities encouraged students to join together as one community and see God in their everyday lives. Various sections of Benet were invited to morning Masses, which allowed different sports teams, the music and theatre departments, and clubs to join to celebrate the Eucharist together. Additionally, discussions were introduced, as questions regarding faith and community were shared with the school through email and social media. Students could also participate in service projects, which included making Valentine Candy Grams and St. Patrick’s Day door hangers for Villa St. Benedict, building dressers and tie blankets for Sharing Connections, and assembling toiletry bags and snack bags for Hesed House. Benet also chose to support two incredible organizations through donations from a Catholic School Sweatshirt Day and a Spirit Day. The donations from the Catholic School Sweatshirt Day went to Catholic Education Foundation, which works to provide tuition and assistance to students attending Catholic schools, as they believe that one’s financial situation should not reduce their access to all educational options. The donations from the Spirit Day went to Friends of Imiliwaha (FOI). FOI works to improve education and healthcare opportunities for all citizens of Tanzania, including St. Gertrude’s School. They also work to increase awareness and inclusivity within the local community, build relationships with the children of Tanzania, and fundraise to support these children. During Catholic Schools Week, Benet Academy worked to truly grow Catholic as a community.

When Benet students were asked about the aspects of faith and school that they were thankful for, many answered with the community that they provide. Going to a Catholic School provides opportunities in which students can form meaningful relationships and grow together in faith and community.