SG Election Week 2020

Student Government Election Week is usually a fun week for both candidates and students voting for them. It usually occurs at the end of April or the first week of May during the school year. However this year due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to celebrate SG Election Week like we used to from hearing speeches from the running candidates in St. Ron’s Gym to going outside the Dean’s Office and seeing all the candidates with their posters and free food and campaign buttons. But, we still got to hear the excellent speeches from the candidates and casted our votes on who’s going to be the next president and vice president for next year. This year our candidates were:
Kylie Flynn/ Joe Mekhail
Jake Dourdourekas/ Mia Manual
Meredith Green/ Emmett Tully
Mia Rogalski/ Braden Carrier
On Thursday came Election Day, and the students voted. At the end of the day the top 2 candidates for Student Government were Dourdourekas/Manual and Green/Tully. Because of this, there was a runoff election between the two pairs held on the next day which was Friday. By the end of the runoff, Jake Dourdourekas and Mia Manual won the election to become the president and vice president for the 2020-2021 school year. “I feel that the SG elections this year went very well!!” says Michael Evans. “Although the person I supported did not get voted into the presidential position, I believe that the student body made their own choice. Everyone had their own pick, and for their own reasons, and I can’t wait to see how this year turns out!”