Good News and Some Hope

Good News and Some Hope

During these uncertain times, it may be hard to look on the bright side of all of this. Even though everyday we see numbers rising in cases in deaths, there are still good things happening out there. Here is a list of things of good news to help lift our spirits.


Positive things are happening to the environment:

  • The canals in Venice are crystal clear for the first time in years because of the absence of boat traffic. 
  • Pollution has been scientifically observed as drastically decreasing in many countries because of quarantine.
  • Himalayan Mountaintops were visible in India for the first time in 30 years as pollution drops. 
  • There was a 40% drop in particles in the air that are dangerous to breathe in from pollution in San Francisco. 
  • For the first time in 240 years, White-Tailed Eagles have been seen flying over England. 
  • Many councils all over our country have delayed mowing grass on roadside verges which are habitats for many wildflowers. This will bring a ton of color and more pollen for the bees this summer.


Positive things are happening from people:

  • A musician in California does drive-around concerts in the bed of his truck to bring life back into neighborhoods.
  • A 99 year old World War II Veteran raised over $23 Million for hospital workers just by walking laps around his garden.
  • Teens from a Canadian high school created a hotline for lonely people to call and hear a joke, story, or message.
  • For more good news: Good News Network
  • Everyday in New York, people clap outside their windows for healthcare workers to thank them.
  • Italians from the windows of their home sing to each other.
  • Disneyland donated all of its leftover food after having to abruptly close down.
  • Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, and The Resident donated their medical supplies on set to doctors and nurses that actually needed them.
  • Oprah donated $10 million to coronavirus reliefs. Many other celebrities have donated millions for food, hospitals, kids, and people being affected. More here.


Positive things are happening in science:

  • Social distancing and quarantine has shown a decrease in virus numbers in a lot of areas in the United States which means this is all working!
  • A 102 year old man from Italy recovered from corona and is now completely healthy.
  • The FDA granted an emergency use authorization for a new test from Abbott Lab that can deliver corona test results in five minutes.
  • Antibody tests are starting to get used to help better understand the virus, its spread, and if some are immune after they previously had it.
  • The University of Chicago Medicine recruited 125 infected people, 113 of which had severe symptoms. They used daily infusions of Remdesivir (a drug), and most of the patients were discharged within a week. Read more here.


With all of this going on, we have to remember that we are so lucky to have a roof over our head, our school looking out for us, and a family to spend time with. Good things are happening, and more good things are on the way. Hang in there everyone. We CAN get through this, and we WILL get through this.