Shaking It Up with Seniorfest

At Benet Academy, the ‘norm’ is never enough and expectations are always looking to be exceeded whether that be in the classroom or on the court. With attitude this in mind, it was only natural that FroshFest this year would be followed by the inaugural SeniorFest! SeniorFest is comparable in all regards to FroshFest, except that these students already know each other and are ready to celebrate all that comes in their final year at Benet Academy.

Student Government President Edmon Bickelhaput and Vice President Abby Marco wanted an evening to invigorate the Class of 2020 as they began their final year journing through Benet together. Edmon explained his passion and goal for the year: “I’m just so excited about bringing the student body together.” Just like that, SeniorFest transformed from a hopeful idea to a present reality. The event launched on the same evening as FroshFest, located in front of the St. Martin entrance where the freshmen were roaming just a few hours previously.

Portillo’s hotdogs and chicken tenders were catered, volleyball nets were set up, and spikeball was played. There was a wonderful crowd of students who attended and all could be found chatting and enjoying themselves as the sun set over Benet. Mrs. Lauren Butera, Mr. Matt Grigas, Mr. Jake Fitzgerald, and all other teacher-moderators deserve to be thanked for helping to piece together such a special event.

The night closed with a water balloon fight and music! There were crowds of smiling senior faces, and many said that it was one of the best nights of the summer. Aleah Gacek, a senior, recollects, “Getting to see everyone in such a laid back environment before our last year together was such a fun experience. I know that I will treasure the memories for a long time.” Student Government has already stepped up to the plate and is ready to serve up new, creative ideas all year long!