On the Campaign Trail for SG

Exercising the right to vote is an exciting privilege that many cannot wait to utilize when they come of age. In similar fashion, Benet students go all-out and all-in for Student Government elections each year at the start of May. A full week is dedicated to serious campaigning, comedic posters, and delicious snacks in an effort to persuade votes in each candidates direction. These candidates put many days of work into their campaigns and their efforts should not be quickly overlooked. Each duo hustled to whip out sweet treats, impressive speeches, and gifts of buttons, brownies, and for one group, a piñata. Congratulations to each pair who campaigned as their dedication and hard work was extremely impressive: Emily Mikitka and Michael Moran, Kendall Schrader and Mary Catherine Craig, Edmon Bickelhaupt and Abby Marco, Marty Garvin and Tommy Farmer, and Connor Chapman and Ian Bixler.

The week opened up with music blaring from outside St. Martin Lobby as the candidates greeted students with wide smiles and celebratory cheers. Inside the school, tables were set up for each candidate where their helpers and friends could rally even more support. The candidates then gave speeches to the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes which included offers of additional sochops, increased service, and a more populated attendance at sporting events. After the preliminary vote on Thursday, the five pairs had been narrowed down to two: Edmon Bickelhaupt running with Abby Marco and Tommy Farmer running with Marty Garvin.

At the end of the week, Benet’s newest Student Government President and Vice President came out to be Edmon Bickelhaupt and Abby Marco, respectively. When asked about what he is most looking forward to this next year, President Edmon Bickelhaupt exclaimed, “I’m most excited about bringing the student body together and embracing all our sports, clubs, and events next year. We are hoping to implement a lot more service into our monthly agendas!” It will be an exciting 2019-2020 school year as both Edmon and Abby, longtime members of Student Government, have much planned to embrace all that Benet Academy has to offer. With these two spirited Redwings as leaders, it is already clear that this upcoming year will be one to remember!