Cultural Assembly 2016

Hazel Oreta '18

In the rule of St. Benedict, Benet Academy’s founding father stresses the importance of hospitality. At Benet Academy, we are fortunate to have a welcoming community rich with cultural heritage. In our language classes we are exposed to various cultural aspects; however, the NHS Cultural Assembly reveals culture in a variety of performances.

Various performances from playing an instrument, singing, dancing, and karate are all displayed by members of each grade. Senior Ally Donnantuono remarked, “It was a lot of fun to watch auditions. We are very excited this year to have a chance to bring out some people who are normally in the background accompanying the singer or dancer to the foreground in their own act.”
The show will be performed on Friday, May 13, for the freshman and sophomores while the juniors and seniors prepare for prom. Senior Natalia Niebrugge says, “The students should not only be looking forward to a day without classes, but a day to see the talents that their classmates have.”
An exciting tradition at Benet Academy, the show is expected to be an entertaining, exciting, and interesting. We hope you enjoy the show and learn more about the culture of your peers.