Mrs. Maureen Scanlon Retires

Editor’s Note: This piece was also posted in the Benet Herald 2023 Graduation Edition.

After five years of fervent dedication and transformative teaching, Mrs. Maureen Scanlon is retiring from Benet Academy. In her time teaching, she has inspired students, motivated colleagues, and left an indelible mark on the school. From the onset, Mrs. Scanlon approached her career at Benet Academy with reverence and tenacity. She recognized her responsibility to create a high caliber of education and set out to leave students with nothing short of that. When asked why she chose to work at Benet Academy, she replied, “To me, Benet has always been the best school in the area, and to be a part of that is one of the greatest honors I can imagine.” She cites Ms. Goralski as her greatest mentor, often sitting in on her classes as a reminder of the high standards she was hired to meet. Not only did she meet these standards, but she also exceeded them with humility and grace, a testament to her commitment to the generations of the future. Throughout her five years, Mrs. Scanlon taught geometry to underclassmen, at the same time teaching the value of integrity. Her lessons transcended postulates and theorems, leaving students with formative dogma. When asked about the impact she hopes to leave on Benet Academy, Mrs. Scanlon replied, “I don’t want to be remembered so much about the math, but rather as a good Catholic example and a nice person. You are an example to everyone you meet.” In her retirement, Mrs. Scanlon plans on returning to her business background by working with her son to open a dog grooming salon. With her departure, her impact will continue to be felt with each one of her students serving as a testament to her legacy of good faith and moral integrity.