Combatting Artificial Intelligence at Benet Academy


Benet Academy

(Left to Right) Mr. Noel, Mr. Veselik, and Ms. Alcorn explain the dangers of using Artificial Intelligence on assignments at Benet Academy.

Benet Academy, along with many other schools nationwide, is experiencing the use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, for cheating. One of the most prevalent forms of AI is ChatGPT. This tool processes language and allows people to have conversations with someone who is seemingly human. In reality, people are speaking with an AI-generated “Chatbot.” This robot is designed to mimic natural human interaction as if a person was texting their friend.

Students have found ways to use this program in their assignments at Benet Academy. It is used to write essays, edit work, complete assignments, and answer nearly any question. Essentially, this program generates ideas that do not come from students.

Recently, Benet Academy released a video featuring History Department Chair, Mr. Noel, Religion Department Chair, Mr. Veselik, and English Department Chair, Ms. Alcorn. In the video, they explain the negatives of using ChatGTP. Not only does it come with consequences, but using this software compromises integrity, morality, and creativity. Moreover, it is considered academic dishonesty.

The teachers stated that Benet Academy strives to form “independent, moral, and curious thinkers.” They emphasize that plagiarism is about taking shortcuts and takes away from independence in thinking. Another teacher, Mr. Fitz, who teaches history, stated, “ChatGPT is an outlet for lazy people.”