Cancellation of the Roses?

A few weeks ago, people worldwide celebrated St. Valentine’s Day with their friends and loved ones, with Benet Academy no exception. However, one of Benet Academy’s favorite traditions was absent this year. The sudden disappearance of candy grams, a popular St. Valentine’s Day tradition that allows students to send small candies and messages to their friends or crushes, left many Benet Academy students wondering what happened. 

Candy grams have been a staple of St. Valentine’s Day celebrations in schools for decades, providing a fun and affordable way for students to express feelings and show appreciation for their peers. Typically, candy grams are sold by student organizations for a few cents each and can often be personalized with the name of the recipient and the sender. They are then delivered to the recipients on or around St. Valentine’s Day, adding to the festive and inclusive atmosphere. However, Student Government (SG) decided against the candy grams this year. When asked why SG’s simple answer was that they just were not “feeling it” this year. 

Benet Academy students, such as Junior Vivian Parrish, have been confused and saddened by the missing candy grams. Parrish said, “I thought it was slightly weird that we didn’t do our tradition of getting the option to give our friends roses for St. Valentine’s Day because normally we do it every year.” Sophomore Kiki Sobkowiak shared a similar view, adding, “I find it unfortunate to see another former event fall off the radar,” referencing SG’s earlier cancellation of the Variety Show. 

With a little luck, SG will bring back the candy grams next year in an even grander and more spectacular way than before. However, until then, one can only hope for the sweet smell of roses to return to Benet Academy.