The Environmental Club St. Valentine’s Day Pancake Breakfast


Emily Deperalta

Members of the Environmental Club help cook pancakes to raise money for their club.

The Environment Club kicked off Valentine’s Day festivities with a pancake breakfast. All the money earned from the pancake breakfast went to fund the club. The club sold both pancakes and waffles in a festive pink color. The toppings bar presented an array of anything and everything one would want to put on a pancake. This tradition is one of the many fun ways the Environment Club keeps itself involved with the school.

The key to the pancake breakfast is collaboration. Each club member is tasked with a different job: cooking, cleaning, mixing or greeting guests. The members also bring all the supplies needed to provide the Pancake Breakfast. It is hard work to have a pancake breakfast, but the members’ fun while doing it is the best reward. Member Grace Bickelhaupt said, “The pancake drive is a fun, unique way to spend time with your peers and a great way to be involved with the school.”

Overall, the Environment Club did a great job cooking pancakes and waffles for the whole school. Although this event is early, it is one of the ways to support other students. It also helps fund the club to do many other activities, such as competing in the Envirothon and hosting nature-clean ups. Therefore, next time there is a pancake breakfast, be sure to stop by and buy one!