The First Step of Prom: The Dress


Benet Academy

Benet Academy students at prom a few years ago.

With spring around the corner and Turnabout now an afterthought, the latest buzz is about prom. With prom being the main event of the school year for juniors and seniors, everything must be perfect and planned far in advance. Student government takes care of all the official plans, like the food served and the after-prom location, but every other detail is up to each student. However, many girls’ dress is the most important part of prom. 

Out of all the Prom talk, the dresses are all every girl can think about right now. Pink or blue? Strapless or sleeves? Sequins or sparkles? Chances are, everyone has heard a conversation like this in the halls or at lunch. With prom being three months away in May, how early is too early to shop for a prom dress?

The first thing to remember is that this dance will be a night to remember. Therefore every detail must be just right. The first reason is relatively simple and logical. The search for the perfect prom dress can be lengthy, so it is best to start months in advance. Even after finding the perfect dress, alterations will likely be needed for a better fit. 

Moreover, accessories are as important as the dress itself, and a girl needs to coordinate everything according to the shoes and jewelry. The cardinal sin of a school dance is showing up in the same dress as another girl. Therefore, picking out a dress early eliminates that threat and ensures a unique dress that no one else will wear. A senior-specific reason for all of the prom dress commotion was explained by senior Maria Rosca, who said, “The spring is going to be a busy time for seniors that still need to make important college decisions, so I want to get my prom dress early not to have to worry about it later.” 

Finally, the most obvious reason is that almost everyone looks forward to warmer weather and a fun dance amidst busy school schedules layered with extracurriculars. Many boys have not thought this far ahead, as they tend to go more with the flow. After all, they can only choose a tie color after a girl picks her dress. 

All these thoughts swirling around in teen girls’ heads can not help but come out on the bus, in the halls, during homeroom, and even be channeled through online shopping in the middle of a lecture. All of this is just one step of preparation for the night of nights with much more planning to come. Next up: picking dates and forming groups.