Boy’s Soccer Captures Conference Title


Caroline Maras ‘24

Benet takes on St. Viator

The Benet Varsity Boys’ Soccer team faced off against Saint Viator on October 14th in the ESCC conference final, in what started as an evenly matched game. Benet finished the game with a 3-2 victory over Viator.

    There was little action during the match until the end of the first half, when Benet Academy’s Brayden Fagbemi scored an impressive strike on the goal after beating three defenders with a dribble. The first half ended with a narrow lead by Benet Academy of 1-0. Early on in the first half, Benet’s Nicolas Picha received a yellow card from the referees for a slide tackle in the other team’s box in which he hit the opposing player before hitting the ball. 

The second half of the game included four goals, two from each team. At the beginning, another goal was scored for Benet Academy by center-back Nicholas Roe, after getting the ball past several defenders. The final goal for Benet was scored towards the end of the second half by Nicolas Picha. At this point in the game, it was very dark out. Benet Academy athlete Nicholas Roe said that it was very difficult to see the ball or the game for most of the second half, which made it much harder for players on both sides. Saint Viator also scored both of their goals during the second half, one at the beginning and another towards the end. About halfway through the second half, Benet Academy defender Owen McGarry got injured in a tackle and there was fear of injury, but he was able to walk himself off of the field after the game was stopped.

Overall, the game started off evenly matched between the two teams until Benet showed out towards the end of the first half and all throughout the second, making their way to the ESCC playoffs with a 3-2 victory.