Redwings Putting in Off-Season Work


Although baseball is a spring sport, at the Academy, the Redwings have been putting in work to get better since school began again in August. Coaches Joe Boyle and Travis Lawler have been putting together off-season team workouts and practices to start getting the team prepared for the upcoming season.

    Coach Boyle has played a big role this off-season in leading team workouts. The team is meeting Tuesday and Thursday every week for workouts that are specifically catered to baseball players. Coach Boyle has a vision for the team and their training, saying “I want to see kids dedicated, getting in the weight room  4-5 days a week, and getting bigger, faster, and stronger.” Coach Boyle’s goal for the team is to build as much strength and mass as the players can before the season rolls around.

    Coach Travis Lawler is a new addition to the program and is helping out with on the field work, especially with throwing. Travis Lawler comes from an elite baseball background. Travis played Division 1 baseball at the University of Florida, was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, and coached for five years at the Division II level for Angelo State. Coach Travis has learned a lot from his time in the baseball world, and is bringing all his experience and knowledge to the players this fall. Coach Travis’ goal is to get the players throwing as much as possible in order to build up arm strength and keep the arm in shape. Junior Marc Iozzo is a big fan of the addition to the coaching staff, saying “We have been working hard this offseason. Especially during our long toss/fielding days with Travis Lawler. He has helped us develop our arms with 10 minutes of long toss each Wednesday. Overall, I think this will put us in a great spot for the season.”

    Coach Joe Boyle and Travis Lawler are putting lots of time and effort into helping the team as much as possible this season, and they are hoping the boys take advantage of this. If they do, they are sure to see great success come next spring.