Homecoming Court 2022


Nora Mehring

Micheal Baker and Kathleen Keough are announced Homecoming King and Queen.

Per longstanding high school tradition, an important part of the homecoming dance festivities include nominations of the homecoming court and voting for the king and queen. This is a tradition that brings together the senior class as a way to recognize some of their favorite classmates.

The first round of nominations came out via google form on the morning of September 12 to the senior class of 2023. In this initial round, students could nominate whoever they wanted to see as this year’s homecoming king and queen. By the morning of September 15, Student Government announced the lucky finalists from which the king and queen would be chosen at the pep rally that night. The senior boys nominated to be king were Colby Masterson, Kyle Spiegel, Mike Baker, and Anthony Galgano while the girls nominated for queen were Lauren Weinewuth, Kathleen Keough, Grace Krug, and Brinkley Douglas. Later that evening at the pep rally, the homecoming court nominees lined up on the track in front of the stands where the crowd was hushed with suspense of who would win. The king and queen were announced: Mike Baker and Kathleen Keough! They donned their crowns as the crowd cheered them on.

Kathleen told the Benet Herald after she won homecoming queen, “It was a really big honor for me to be chosen for homecoming queen this year! All the court members were such amazing people, and the overall experience was super fun. I am so grateful for all the support I got from my classmates.”

The 2022 homecoming court was made up of respected and well-loved members of the senior class that facilitated a great build up to the dance itself. The king and queen duo were an essential part of homecoming, like Maverick and Goose are to Top Gun.